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Early Years Foundation Stage

Early Years and Foundation Stage at Halsford Park School prepares the children for the wider world through consistent modelling of good behaviour strategies and language, helping children to relate to both their peers and adults in a positive way, and helping children develop vital life-skills, such as safety, kindness and considerate behaviour. 

Day to day, the children learn by working and playing in a free-flow environment in which they have constant access to a wide variety of resources, including computers, role-play areas, creative and outside areas. By fostering independence and encouraging initiative at all times, the children learn through self-initiation and play in a safe, friendly and stimulating environment.  

All teaching and learning is based around the government non-statutory document, Development Matters, and children work towards achieving the Early Learning Goals in the Prime and Specific Areas.  
Teachers work closely with the children to ascertain and follow their interests, and so adapt the curriculum and learning to their specific needs.  Short teaching inputs, group work, and one-to-one reading help ensure that the children are challenged and that the pace of learning is maintained.  



Please follow these helpful links to find out more about the Early Years Foundation Stage.. 

Early Years Welcome Meeting - October 2016

Friday Phonics 


Please join us every Friday from 2.45pm for a short session that builds on the phonic sounds that we have been learning over the course of the year.   If you do not know or remember how to pronounce a sound correctly or do not know the song or action, please ask the teacher and/or consult the Jolly Phonics booklet put in book bags at the beginning of the year.


 This half term we will focus on using our phonics sounds for writing.   We will use Super Sentences as sentence builders to show how you can start and then develop and continue your child's writing.  We will also build our writing around the children's interests.  This term it will be based mostly around superheroes and the real-life heroes all around us in the community. 






We look forward to seeing you! 


Phonics Play 

You can access this free resource to play phonics games at home.  The children particularly like the 'Buried Treasure' and 'Obb and Bob'games.

Oxford Owl


Take a look at this free reading resource which includes e-books containing the Oxford Reading Tree characters.



Please find below copies of the Numicon activities that we send out so you and your child can practise using Numicon at home.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to come and see your child's class teacher. 


Our learning


Over the coming weeks we will be basing our learning around Superheroes -  and our real-life heroes, those who help us every day at home or in the community.  'The Riddler' started off our Learning Experience by issuing a challenge to find out who or where he was, and he then visited our classrooms and made a mess of them! We had to guess who had done it by looking at the clues which were left behind.  We have already made our own Superhero clues based on our favourite Superheroes, and we have also designed, built and written about how to make traps to catch 'The Riddler' (we haven't caught him yet and he continues to play tricks on us). 


This half term we will be using some exciting new texts to continue with our Superhero learning, which will help us to understand healthy eating in particular.  They will also help us to think about the qualities that make people 'super' and to help us see all the qualities in ourselves which make us all 'super' too!  We practising our writing by doing lots of Super Sentences and we will all have our own Secret Mission Books to write in too.  We will be practising our counting, adding, taking away and we will also be learning about money. 


We will also be talking about how we can stay safe and be healthy.  Please visit the link below for some tips on this.



Early Years Parent Overview



Tapestry is an online resource which enables you to access your child's online learning journal.  You will need to provide the school with an email address in order to do this.  once you have done this and been registered by the school you can access this via this link:


You will also be able to add your own comments to the observations that have been made and share what your child has been doing at home with us!

Bug Club

Follow this link to log in to your child's bug club account.