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Come Back Curriculum


Halsford Park ‘Come back curriculum’- Rationale


As a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic there has been a disruption to our learner’s education for an extended period of time. The experiences had by each child during this time will be different, therefore it is important that as we set out our rationale for the Come back curriculum at Halsford Park Primary school, where we will take into account the changing needs of our whole community.

Our Whole School Intent still stands firm and our beliefs as a school community are the same, however our emphasis on parts of our intent have shifted to align with these changing needs. We still believe that, our ultimate goal is for learners to be successful, confident individuals, who soar to success, make a positive contribution to the community and society - both now and in the future. 

We believe this can be achieved by fostering a passion for lifelong learning that we can enable through an irresistible curriculum. Our Core Values of Respect, Compassion, Responsibility and Courage drive our curriculum and how we will be as a community.  Through our connected curriculum, we can enable learners to develop learning and life skills which also promote their physical and emotional wellbeing and understanding of health.


The whole community’s well-being is at the heart of our ethos and links strongly with our core values. We are mindful that all children will have had a differing experience of the pandemic and so our response will need to adapt to this. We will re-engage with the children, review their experiences, talk with them and help them deal with any difficulties. Our approach will be at three levels: holistic (for all children); focussed and personalised recovery (for those directly affected); deep recovery (for those who have experienced trauma). Our work will be under pinned by an understanding of relationships, our community, meta-cogition and the need for space and time. We will work in a transparent way together.


At Halsford Park, we will define which skills we believe are essential and teach these over the academic year 2020-2021, ensuring that the children can build on their prior learning and continue to deepen knowledge and understanding.  Our approach to teaching will remain rooted in our understanding of how children learn, and use ongoing assessment to inform our planning for learners.


We will continue to live by our Core Values and our beliefs around these core values will be strengthened as we undertake extensive teaching and learning to ensure that the children have, purposefully planned personal, social and emotional development opportunities.


At Halsford Park, we continue to recognise the importance of tailoring our curriculum to the needs of the learners and families in our school community.  We will therefore continue to build from our learner’s starting points and focus to ensure:

  • All children to have a voice and know who can help them
  • Learners are emotionally literate and understand the importance of a healthy body and mind
  • An irresistible curriculum that engages learners 
  • Enrichment opportunities to enhance the curriculum  
  • Passionate teaching that enables individual learners to develop knowledge and skills 
  • Autonomous learners 
  • Culture that facilitates purposeful learning 
  • Aspirational learners 
  • Success for all 
  • Key vocabulary accessed by all