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We use the “Charanga” online resource for our Music teaching, which maps out the progression of skills by year group. We are currently in the process of further developing the progression of skills in these curriculum areas, which we will be making available to view shortly.


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Year 4 at BH and Year 5 at HP have all experienced 1Term2Learn this year which is a new one term whole-class ensemble teaching programme that aims to inspire children to take up a musical instrument. At both schools his has been the clarinet which the children have thoroughly enjoyed.

1Term2Learn maximises national funding, providing even more children with access to high quality music education. Pupils learn to play a musical instrument with increasing accuracy, fluency, control and expression, using and understanding musical notations. They have also developed their understanding of rhythm, rhyme and keeping to a beat.


The final session of the term has been a performance to families, celebrating the pupils' achievements and promoting progression routes to continuing instrumental learning. This has developed their performance skills and helped the, learn about the type of preparations necessary before a performance.